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Sürekli Karıştırma Makineleri Yenilebilir mi? Casinolerde kullanılan sürekli karıştırma makineleri hakkında merak edilen bir konudur. Bu makinelerle kart sayma stratejisi kullanmak mümkün müdür? Çünkü bu strateji, kumar oyuncularının kazanma şansını artırabilir. Ancak, sürekli karıştırma makineleri bu stratejiyi zorlaştırır ve yok eder. Casino işletmecileri, bu makinelerin kullanımıyla kazançlarını artırırken, oyuncuların şansını azaltır. Bu nedenle, sürekli karıştırma makinelerine karşı strateji geliştirmek oldukça zordur. Oyuncuların, bu makineleri yenmek için farklı taktikler denemesi gerekmektedir. Ancak, bu konuda garantili bir başarı sağlamak mümkün değildir.

Continuous Shuffling Machines (CSM)

Continuous Shuffling Machines (CSMs) are devices used in casinos to shuffle and deal playing cards. They were introduced as a way to combat card counting, a technique used by skilled players to gain an advantage over the casino in blackjack. CSMs are designed to automatically shuffle the cards after each round, making it difficult for players to keep track of the cards and implement effective card counting strategies.

CSMs have become increasingly popular in casinos worldwide due to their ability to speed up gameplay and eliminate the need for manual card shuffling. However, many players wonder if it is still possible to beat the game when CSMs are being used. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of playing blackjack with CSMs and whether or not it is still possible to come out on top.

Advantages of CSMs

Continuous Shuffling Machines offer several advantages for both casinos and players. For casinos, CSMs help prevent card counting, which can result in significant losses if skilled players are able to exploit the game. CSMs also increase the number of hands dealt per hour, allowing casinos to generate more revenue.

For players, CSMs eliminate the need to wait for the dealer to manually shuffle the cards, resulting in a faster-paced game. This can be especially appealing for recreational players who prefer a more dynamic and exciting playing experience. Additionally, CSMs can reduce the chances of dealer errors, as the machine handles the shuffling process.

Disadvantages of CSMs

Despite the advantages mentioned, CSMs also come with their own set of disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks is that they make card counting virtually impossible. Card counting is a strategy used by skilled players to keep track of the cards that have been dealt and make informed decisions based on the remaining cards in the deck. With CSMs constantly shuffling the cards, it becomes nearly impossible to gain an edge through card counting.

Another disadvantage of CSMs is that they increase the house edge. The house edge is the mathematical advantage that the casino has over the players in a particular game. By constantly shuffling the cards, CSMs decrease the effectiveness of certain blackjack strategies, such as basic strategy, which rely on knowing the composition of the remaining cards in the deck.

Can CSMs Be Beaten?

While CSMs make card counting and certain strategies less effective, it does not mean that blackjack with CSMs cannot be beaten. Skilled players can still employ other techniques and strategies to improve their chances of winning.

One such strategy is to focus on the basic strategy. Basic strategy is a set of predetermined rules that dictate the optimal decision for every possible hand in blackjack. By following basic strategy, players can minimize the house edge and make more informed decisions regardless of the shuffling method used.

Another approach is to take advantage of any rule variations that may be present in the game. Some blackjack games played with CSMs may have specific rules that favor the player, such as allowing late surrender or doubling down after splitting. Identifying and exploiting these rule variations can give players an edge over the casino.


Continuous Shuffling Machines have become a common sight in casinos, as they offer several advantages for both casinos and players. While they make card counting less effective and increase the house edge, skilled players can still employ other strategies and techniques to improve their chances of winning. By focusing on the basic strategy and taking advantage of any rule variations, players can still beat the game even when CSMs are being used.

Remember, the key to success in blackjack is not solely dependent on the shuffling method, but rather on understanding the game, utilizing effective strategies, and making informed decisions at every turn.

1. Kart sayma stratejisini kullanarak blackjack oynayan oyuncular nasıl bir avantaj elde edebilirler?
Cevap: Kart sayma stratejisi kullanarak blackjack oynayan oyuncular, doğru hamleleri yaparak uzun vadede kazanma şanslarını artırabilirler.

2. Sürekli karıştırma makinesi (CSM), kart saymayı neden zorlaştırır?
Cevap: Sürekli karıştırma makinesi, kart sayma stratejisini zorlaştırır çünkü kartların nerede kaldığını takip etmek zorlaşır.

3. Sürekli karıştırma makinesi (CSM) kullanan casinoların avantajları nelerdir?
Cevap: Sürekli karıştırma makinesi kullanan casinolar, kart sayıcılara karşı daha büyük bir avantaja sahip olur ve uzun vadede daha fazla kazanç elde ederler.

4. Sürekli karıştırma makinesi (CSM) kullanılan blackjack masalarında kart sayıcılar nasıl bir avantaj elde edebilir?
Cevap: Sürekli karıştırma makinesi kullanılan blackjack masalarında kart sayıcılar yeterli bir avantaj elde edemezler çünkü kart sayma stratejisi için gerekli olan yeterli destek penetrasyonu sağlanamaz.

5. Sürekli karıştırma makinesi (CSM) kullanılan blackjack masalarında nasıl kazanç elde edebilirim?
Cevap: Sürekli karıştırma makinesi kullanılan blackjack masalarında kart sayma stratejisi ile kazanç sağlamak mümkün değildir. Bu tür masalarda avantaj elde etmek için farklı stratejiler kullanmanız gerekmektedir.

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